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Just wanted to share something that made me smile.

I’m babysitting my little sisters and  they wanted to watch the GLTAS finale again. 

My sister Elizabeth asked me if CN was going to make another season (she doesn’t know all this business with WB). I said if she really wanted another season, she had to write them. She then asked me to help her because she doesn’t know how to.

I then asked her what she wanted me to write for her.

My sister Isabella (the youngest in our family) jumped in and said “PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON OF GLTAS FOR ANOTHER SEASON!”

My sister Elizabeth said, “Because I want to find out if Razer becomes a Blue Lantern! I want to find out what happens to Hal Jordan, Kilowog and the other lanterns! AND DOES RAZER FIND AYA!”

Isabella cut in and said “WHERE’S AYA”

Elizabeth then said, “I like the suspense and the action and the romance! And I want to see if there’s any other Green Lanterns! Please renew it for another season!” 

I told her I would :)

she started freaking out because she thought it was illegal to write to CN haha

She then went on to say, “Can you make me sound like a 14 year old?” and I asked why.

She said, “they wouldn’t believe a 10 year old, they already make so many shows I don’t like!”

Got a laugh out of that one too.

Right now she’s writing a letter for YJ :)


She drew a picture ^.^

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