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"The love you felt has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn as new love."

Welcome to the Razaya fandom! Feel free to submit and chat!

Love, Zoe and Kory


As you all know by now, we’ve been planning for a Razaya Week here at razaya, and we officially announcing the date! Not only have a set of prompts ready for you, but we’ve also organised a list of activities for that extra special, or in case one of the prompts isn’t to your liking. Here they are:

The Prompts:
Monday, July 29: Firsts
 Date, I love you, kiss, etc.
Tuesday, July 30: AU
 Place razer and aya in a complete different universe.
Wednesday, July 31: If Only/Rewrite the Ending
 Any other way you would have liked to see gltas end.
Thursday, August 01: Role Reversal/Rule 63
→ Switch gender or character between Aya and Razer.
Friday, August 02: Crossover
 Combine the gltas universe with the universe of a different fandom to your liking.
Saturday, August 03: Reunited
 How do you see Razer and Aya finding each other after the events of Dark Matter?
Sunday, August 04: Emotional Spectrum 
 Hope, love, rage, will, avarice, compassion, fear, life, and death.

The Activities:
Monday, July 29: Singing/writing songs all about Razaya.
Tuesday, July 30: Explain why you love Razaya.
 You can record yourself in a video or an audio file, write an essay and so on :D
Wednesday, July 31: Discussion Day.
 What you liked, what you didn’t like, what you would have liked to see, let everyone know, share your ideas and discuss with your fellow fanterns :)
Thursday, August 01:
Puffy Painting (Instructions for Puffy Paint) /Tie-dying shirts
Puffy painting is the easier activity, Ravie has used it multiple times and it works great! She has yet to experiment with tie-dying but for those up for a challenge, check it out! Also check out cool methods for making your shirt extra special: 1. Lacing T-shirt 2. Painted Fringe T-shirt (You can mix it up, instead of doing numbers you can do a name and so on :D) 3. Your Crafty Heart T-shirt (Again, you can mix up the colors!) 4. DIY Heart T-shirt (She’s not too clear on materials so, you’ll need 2 t-shirts, a big paper bag (like a big grocery bag), scissors, a ruler of some sort, chalk, bobbing pins and a sewing machine! You can use a glue-gun but it might come out in the wash.)
Friday, August 02: Invite someone else from another fandom to watch the show.
 Throw a party, here’s a recipe for some cookies to make! (Video here). You can use green and red decorating sugar to coat the cookies and if you’d like, instead of rolling them into balls you can form shapes and faces of our lovely OTP! (Here are the DVDs to purchase to have the showing at your party: Part 1 + Part 2)
Saturday, August 03: Make a Hope Flower.
 Directions/Tutorial for how to make a Hope Flower
Sunday, August 04: Collages
→ Make collages using words, pictures etc that you feel express Razaya!

The Rules:
 No bashing of other characters/pairings!
→  Be sure to tag your post with #razaya week 2013 so that we can easily find your entry.
 We don’t accept early submissions. We will post the new prompt/activity around midnight EST and then everyone can post their entries.
 Whatever art medium you want to use for the prompts is completely up to you. We accept all (graphic, fic, art, etc).

We hope everyone will have a lot of fun during Razaya Week! :D And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Zoe, Kory and Ravie.

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